"I kiss his feet and use them to dry my tears that won't stop falling. I started out crying softly and now I'm sobbing at the top of my lungs I hate to cry because it ruins my face which has to be in order, I bet everything on it, right? But now I have to cry, there's a wind but I howl louder, oooooh! I roll over in the clouds and swing down on a piece of dental floss that turns into a seesaw, there's a girl made of white porcelain on the other end when I go up she goes down. Dressed like springtime, what garden has she been visiting? She takes flowers from the basket in her lap and they have wire supporting their heads no, not those flowers! Not these, I say and she begins to sing: I went walking along the bridge / It shook before my eyes / Sister the water's made of poison / He who drinks it dies. But I won't drink it, not me, I already know, not me! I yell and she goes dancing off to meet her sisters who come down the lawn hand in hand. They're so white and airy in their china dresses, one saying I am Summer. Another in a hood saying. The music is made up of Lorena's bells and speaks of the joys of each season ah, I want these statues in my garden. "We are the four Sisters, the four Seasons of the year!" Now the hooded one is close by me and she takes off her hood. She smiles. Her four front teeth are missing. I hide my face in the sheets but I hear the laughter of the big toothless ant with its slit for a mouth. If I could. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all, says the dwarf who passes by, winking at me. I pull his beard and we roll over and over blissfully happy oh how I love you. I grab the cigarette from his hand and rise like the smoke inside the conical lampshade. Happiness is this, it's to prepare yourself, calculating things step by step. And afterwards throw your crutches in the trash can. A good word, to structure".
Excerpt from "As meninas" pages 81-2.

" You said that the Director of the Unarmed and Armed Conservative Classes is occupying the gray suite. Why gray?
The youngster asked if he could sit down. He pulled out the chair but kept a safe distance from the cushion upon which the Secretary rested his foot clad in an open sandal. He stammered:
Weeell, I chose the colors with the people in mind he began somewhat hesitantly. Then, warming to his theme: For instance the American Delegate's suite is shocking pink, as they like bright colors. For Your Excellency, I chose a pastel shade of blue, as I have seen Your Excellency wearing a blue tie on numerous occasions. However for the north suite, I decided on gray. Doesn't Your Excellency like the color gray? It seems such a tranquil color to me!
The Secretary moved his foot stretched out on the cushion with some difficulty. He raised his hand. He stared at his hand:
It's their color. Rattus Alexandrius
Of the Conservatives?
No, of the rats...
taken from "O seminario dos ratos" in: Tigrela and other stories, p. 117.