I'm eclectic by nature. When I started out professionally back then in the 40s, eclecticism was nothing unusual in Brazil. There was still scope for everything in this country. Much later on when I defined myself as a graphic artist, I meant by that that I was someone who worked in advertising but who was trying to develop my own particular style, my own trademark as Folon was doing in Europe. At that time, Folon had been awarded the prize for best artist at the Biennial Art Exhibition of São Paulo. But the world of advertising in Brazil produced few artists of that type. I was one of the few. My book is an illustration of what I've done in my 40 years in the trade.

Since I was a child, I always wanted to draw. I believed that at the end of my life, I would become a painter. But I fell in love with this business of writing and, nowadays, I get a much greater thrill from writing than I do from painting or commercial art. I would therefore define myself today as a graphic artist and writer.