"Z Andrade turned up at the editorial office of Pasquim with a box full of clay figures clearly depicting easily identifiable persons: the Brazilian people, with no roof over their heads and with no hope.
I had an idea: I asked him to make a caricature in clay of Ulisses Guimares, who was our featured subject in the weekly interview. On its completion, I had it photographed from various angles the resulting illustrations were a tremendous success. Following that, Z joined the team, as a contributor to the newspaper. He has also worked for the newspaper O Globo, TV Globo, cinema, theater and on magazines in So Paulo. This 28-year-old had his origins in the town in Bahia of Ubara, a town which was practically wiped out by deforestation and appalling pollution.
This is his fifth exhibition comprising 15 caricatures and 35 popular figures.
Laugh about the caricatures. May the figures that Z Andrade portrays our own people stay with you, with their silent cry: how much longer must we put up with this suffering? It's something that says so much more about this deeply wounding poverty than statistics and words ever can.
Listen to the cry of this true spokesman of the Brazilian people."

Small but significant
"Z recently produced a batch of miniature figures of Dorival Caymmi. "I thought I looked a bit goggle-eyed, but I loved them", said Caymmi who held on to three of them. The following day, Z ran into the poet Ferreira Gullar: "You make me look much better than I really am", he said."
Monica Weinberg, Veja Rio, 21st May 1997