Right from the first moment, a companion.
Right from the first moment, a veritable brother.
Partners, a friendship plated with sounds, words, acts, suffering, and joy.
Baptized, confirmed and married into music. Everything is so big it’s no use wanting to explain it. The stages may not be shared today simultaneously.
After all, we will have three works: yours, mine and ours.
This, like our friendship, is eternal.
We have always shared everything: our tables, our dreams, our struggles.
This is what matters.
My idol,
With much affection
And my love"
Milton Nascimento, singer, composer, instrumentalist

"To journey musically with Wagner Tiso means to travel the space of many different worlds without losing the trail of Brazilian-ness, for this gypsy from Três Pontas who bears the soul of a navigating peasant has a taste for adventure and quest. Restless and safe, he can carry us from a majestic church to a field of coffee trees in Minas Gerais, stopping along the way at a concert or a country-dance. His fingers are capable of producing an entire orchestra or a simple, warm bandoneon at twilight, a poignant song or a frenzied funk arrangement, all without losing an eternal sense of beauty. We’ve worked together on movies and I can say that his horizons are expanding the many horizons I thought I knew. Be it by instrument, by land or by sea; at a simple dance, in a ballroom, or in a public square, this Minas Gerais native has courage and much to reveal to us."
Walter Lima Jr., cinematographer

"Musician of Brazilian music.
Brazilian interior.
Brazilian soul.
Joy and skill.
Friendship and musical talent more than enough for the whole world.

Egberto Gismonti – musician

"Wagner is truly a follower of the Radamés Gnatali-Villa Lobos line, which gains greater strength every day within true Brazilian musicians, inciting us to keep on discovering and publicizing the map of our land. Viva Wagner of Brazil!"

Rafael Rabelo - musician

"He is a Brazilian musician, and above all else, a Minas musician. He is part of a species in extinction. I am a great admirer of Wagner Tiso and his work."

Sivuca – musician

"The excellent arranger and keyboard player Wagner Tiso, of enviable musical talent, is one of the greatest composers of popular music, as our friend, Leonardo Luz, pianist, agrees.

"Wagner and I have shared a friendship for more than 30 years, always exchanging ideas. His musical growth has given me great pleasure."

Paulo Moura - musician

"Wagner Tiso: congratulations, my friend and musical father, on your completion of 30 years of a career filled with a wealth of unquestionable contributions to Brazilian music. For me, Wagner is one of the greatest arrangers in the world, and a composer and pianist of rare sensitivity. In addition, he greatly influenced my work in the early 1970s, not to mention the main revolutionary pop group—Som Imaginário—which he founded and led. Thank you, Tiso, for your wonderful music."

Toninho Horta – composer / arranger / musician

"The Brazilian people have a four-centuries-old custom: queimadas. In order to plant pastureland, they burn down forests. That’s how I see Wagner Tiso’s music: ‘the sound of burnt roots’."

Henfil – cartoonist - Rio, August 1986