Wagner Tiso Veiga was born on December 12, 1945 in TrÍs Pontas, Minas Gerais, to Francisco Ribeiro Veiga and Walda Tiso Veiga. He has four siblings: Gileno, Marco, Andrť and Isaura. He has been married for 22 years to Gisele Tiso, with whom he has one daughter, Joana. His other daughter, Õndia, was born from his first marriage. He has recorded 26 records, written numerous soundtracks for movies, theater and TV, and received awards in all of these areas. For Wagner, music is the act of perpetual invention Ė always constructed by playing with rhythms and rich musical combinations that are far removed from monotonous repetition and stay a healthy distance from pure experimentalism as well.

In 1967, Wagner Tiso did his first professional arranging in Rio de Janeiro, participating as arranger and pianist for the Paulo Moura Orchestra during singer Maisa's famous run at the Canec„o show house.

Wagner Tiso has also earned one of the most respected names in Brazilian music abroad. He has appeared at many of Europeís top jazz festivals, including Montreaux, Berlin, Montmartre (Denmark), and Nice. His shows have been listed on the agendas of the main concert halls in Greece, Italy, France, Austria, and Germany.

His professional history has molded him into a compleat musician. Pianist, keyboard player, composer, arranger, conductor, and musical director, Wagner carries a portfolio of noteworthy accomplishments in nearly all areas. He has broadened his horizons in a number of directions: popular music; symphonies; operas; soundtracks for movies, theater and TV; jazz; ballet. He only hasnít done what he didnít want to do.

Now in the selection process, Tiso is preparing a double CD comprising his most important arrangements and orchestrations for Brazilís top interpreters in the last few decades.