"(...) The only thing that remains to be said is that Paulo Mendes Campos never wasted a moment of his life. A quotation from Valéry is apt here: "Dieu a tout fait de rien, mais le rien perce". The poet creates his poetry from all and everything and it transcends, broadens and expands the horizons of life. The poet and the life in question belong to Paulo Mendes Campos, challenging the world to understand him and sing his praises.
Otto Lara Resende in "Os melhores poemas de Paulo Mendes Campos"

"(...) A book as fascinating as Diário da tarde reveals possibly more about Paulo Mendes Campos, the man and the writer, better than any other work he has published to date. In this book he has compiled, in several flashes that repeat themselves in a harmonious sequence, though always subtly differing from each other, those moments décisifs, as the greatest photography masters call them, which, by marking our existence by the empathy or antipathy they provoke in us, define our human profile and offer the key to our personality.
Humor, irony, wit, poetic beauty, joviality, isolated sentences (that sometimes make more sense than whole paragraphs...), the emotion of being alive and of sentiment, it’s all present, all this is Paulo Mendes Campos, the whole being greater than the sum of it's component parts.
A beautiful book. A document. A testimonial".
Ênio Silveira in Diário da Tarde