Guia mapa de Gabriel Arcanjo
by Eduardo Portela

"I believe that a tendency to specialize in magic awoken and developed within Nélida Piñon a drive towards verbal invention: the acceptance of an aesthetic commitment that shapes linguistic elaboration. What I cannot omit stating is that here we have an absolutely stylistic construction. And from someone who can bring a serious contribution to strengthen our impoverished literary tongue."
in: Jornal do Commercio, Fev/1962.

by Maria João Avillez

"I discovered Nélida by chance upon leafing through a magazine and I instinctively perceived that hers was the most unique female voice I had yet to hear."
in: Jornal Público, Portugal.

A força do destino
by Cesar Leal

"Displaying such an evident concern with the materials of her art, Nélida Piñon reveals herself to be one of the definitive assets of the best in twentieth-century Brazilian literature."

Tempo das frutas
by José Castello

"A mature writer, in full possession of her tools and who does not feel prisoner to so-called Brazilian themes, circulating easily among the great ravines of universal culture."
in: O Estado de São Paulo.

A República dos sonhos
by Carlos Fuentes

"Nélida Piñon’s genius lies in her endowing with an errant, unburied language a race that emerges from the caverns blind and must explain itself to itself and find a meaning for its voice, its sensual attraction, its civilized foundation, its social compassion, its aesthetic freedom."