A cicatriz da paixão (The scar of passion)

"Passion is the footprint of our being. The scar on our face. The trail of a life permeated by the chaos that dwells within the invisible soul of man.
Man, however, does not know how to name passion. It is everything he knows not, everything he shows signs of being. His inner voice, always contradictory, ambiguous, mean, generous, dreamy, coarse, scatological, replies with sensitivity to the appeals of passion."
from O pão de cada dia

Disse um campônio à sua amada (Said a peasant to his beloved)

"If money is not enough, I will stake my heart. It too is a coin that has its price. I will tear it from my breast and while still fresh I will toss it on the table so that together we may listen to the beating of an organ that made me love you from morning until nightfall, so that at your side I might be moved by the tears you will no doubt cry for my sacrifice. But if then you still think not even a heart pours out the blood you had hoped to feed on for many years, we may go in search of other parts of my body, I don’t care that it is precisely you who takes me apart, there is nothing there that I haven’t given you in advance."
from O calor das coisas

"On that first of July, however, Eucarístico began felling the trees promised to his children as their inheritance as soon as he died. Warned that the family was losing its finest pride, and by Eucarístico’s own hands, Magnólia went out to him. She asked him to give her at least three days to think. The wealth of a lifetime shouldn’t be destroyed in a few hours of ax work. Eucarístico was unable to hear a single word, and Magnólia knelt down and prayed for the trees while he cut them."
from Tebas do meu coração

as translated by Diane Grosklaus