"Luiz Claudio, when he composes and when he sings, speaks of Brazilian topics that move us all.
His voice complements his creative strength.
Luiz Claudio is all feeling and all Brazil.
A Brazil that begins in Curvelo and ends up in our heart.
Something else: there is no word, no syllable, no vocabulary choice lost in his creations.
I was delighted with his melody upon my verses."
Carlos Drummond de Andrade

"Luiz Claudio is a romantic, and this can be seen at once, both in his voice and in his drawing. This quality, which is now disappearing, lends a rare sweetness to his timber and a communicative ability to his song equaled by few singers. In choosing Ouro Preto for his pictorial wanderings, he also shows proof of good taste and education. When these two arts are brought together in his new LP, we see that all is not lost as far as interpreters of modern Brazilian song."
Vinicius de Moraes

"I spent the better part of the night listening to the original tape of this "Viola de Bolso" and suddenly I realized. At the precise moment when Luiz Claudio, with his beautiful, round, crystalline (mineral?) voice, sings that modinha by Lupicínio, the Biblical discovery came to me: I realized how carefully he says each one of the words in the song, the caution and almost shyness with which he pronounces them, as if he had a commitment to each one, as if he did not want to betray their different meanings, as if he were guilty of them, the sound issuing forth as if it too deserved respect. A Minas Gerais thing."