A hora H do padre G (D-Day for Father G)

– The egg is cosmogenic. It represents the principle of good, just as the scorpion represents that of evil. The apple is the challenge. Whoever succeeds in cutting it without harming the seeds will marry the princess. According to the beliefs of the Celtics, gypsies, and Persians, the carpet is produced to entangle the forces of evil within its mysterious patterns. Devils of our everyday world and their witch allies are tempted by the many paths to be followed, and they lose themselves.
Moderna – p.86

Pixote – Infância dos Mortos (Pixote – childhood of death)

Dito awoke still dizzy from the anesthetic. He looked at the low ceiling, the dirty white walls, the burning light bulb. He shifted, and felt the handcuffs. He was in an infirmary, five or six beds nearby, all empty. No one was moving about, which seemed to increase his anxiety, for he could never remember having felt such thirst before.
Ediouro – p.87

Villa-Lobos – o aprendiz de feiticeiro (Villa-Lobos – the sorcerer’s apprentice)

He twisted. He had to use great strength. After all, his hands were small and his fingers weak. But with his already characteristic determination, he eventually achieved his intention and the precious port wine poured forth, covering his feet and the carved stones of the flooring.
Tahú had another idea: he put some corks to float and watched their movement towards the grating. He imagined them to be tiny caravels pushed by the winds, in that river of reddish waters, bubbling sonorities.
Ediouro – p.11

as translated by Diane Grosklaus