[ Rio de janeiro: 1932 ] Sergio Magalhães Gomes Jaguaribe – known as Jaguar – is one of Brazil's best and most representative cartoonists. Above all, he is a native of Rio de Janeiro, whose major source of inspiration lies in the city in which he was born and lived. Snippets of conversation overheard in the street, and more particularly bar life and the endless "drink-fuelled encounters" of the bohemian intelligentsia in the district of Ipanema feature greatly. In the 60's, Ipanema was the cultural melting pot of Rio, and Jaguar was one of the founders of the famous street carnival parade groups known as the "Banda de Ipanema". His work is of central importance to the Brazilian news media, mainly due to the creation of O Pasquim in the late 60's – a satirical magazine which became the rallying cry during the struggle against the military dictatorship and influenced the terminology of Brazilian journalism, while bringing together the leading names in the cultural life of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil in general. The talent of this self-proclaimed "dinosaur of the cartoon world" has been acknowledged in international humor salons and his works have been published in Graphis – one of the leading graphic arts magazines in the world. Jaguar often says that one of his trademarks is that of being one of the few cartoonists able to satirize the average man in the street – Mr. John Doe – without any need to resort to caricature.

Translated by Derrick Phillips
Updated in 1999