"When I was ten or eleven years old I discovered that I had an irresistible vocation for lying. I saw a movie, read a book, heard a story and when telling it to a friend I modified the less interesting passages, inventing new ones and making the story the way I thought that it should be. From there to becoming a writer it was only a small step because the writer is always a sort of a lier, isn´t he?

When I say that a writer is a lier I obviously want to say that he works through his imagination. The writer is deficient, he is someone who is beneath reality: he must compensate the difference between his internal reality and the reality that surrounds him, imagining things, recreating reality in order to establish balance. (…)

A writer is a lonely man within a room with a blank page in front of him and with his demons around him which he tries to exorcise: the demon of solitude, that odd search, the search for something that even he does not know what it is, as one who tries to find an experience that he has dreamed about, or experienced in another life. He begins the first time trying to find his way in the dark, trying to open a path. This is a solitary act and it does not become a solitary vice because it is an act of creation. Literary creation cannot be compared to the act of giving birth, as some people like to say. At least in good families. But how, if he (the writer) is alone? It is because being able to write, being able to communicate, he no longer feels alone but fabulously reintegrated to the community, to all of humanity, and celebrating with all of humankind and this is his orgasm: writing is an act of love".

Fernando Sabino – deposition offered by Record publishing house.