"(...) Elisa has grown, as a poet and actress. She enters the scene as if she had never stepped on any other ground and soon reigns over everything and everyone. As if she were resuming a conversation interrupted the night before. And then, through various movements and tonalities, she sets about separating the beads of her poetic rosary — emotions, irony, eternal and fleeting loves, things from childhood and from adolescence, insignificances to which she has lent importance, a slight touch of bitterness here and beyond, but with no apparent resentment, wounds healed by the Vesuvius of words and the witchcraft of rhymes.
"It is pure pleasure. For her and — nearly orgiastic — for the public, to whom she offers herself in warm intimacy. God grant us good health to accompany her on this voyage."
Armindo Blanco, O Dia, RJ, 26/10/1995

"Elisa Lucinda reads her poetry like someone who embroiders existence. She goes about life gathering up poetry with amazing talent. She climbs on stage and untangles the knots of words, and they multiply and obey her command like the loveliest tamed seals at a childhood circus. Elisa Lucinda’s poetry belongs to all of us; her word is multi, it fits the mouth of the world and it arouses, inflames, and excites; it delivers news of the melody that was not lost but transformed itself, metamorphosed, yet continues to be poetry."
Miguel Falabella, O Globo, 6/4/1997

"Her words hang in the air as if suspended and thus give us a glimpse of a certain mystery, a kind of Hitchcock suspense. I say this because Elisa’s spoken poetry is always the possibility of what is yet to come, a revelation untangled bit by bit like soft petals hiding thorns. "Knowing that love is only love when exchanged / and an exchange only gratifies when it is gratis." It is as if a new action were about to move the poem beyond the limits of a writing that seems never to end."
Jace Theodoro, A Gazeta, ES, 7/6/1998