“She (Sandra Kogut) began her career experimenting with video, set up a video-booth network and did Parabolic People. Inspired by her French exile, she burst onto the scene with the must-see documentary Um passaporte húngaro. In November 2007, she made her debut on the circuit with the very unique Mutum, her first feature-length fiction film. The adaptation of the work Campo Geral, by Guimarães Rosa, took the best film prize at the Rio Film Festival (…).”
In: Revista Moviola, 12/20/07

About the film Mutum
By Rosângela Dantas
An adaptation of the novella Campo Geral, the first story in the book Manuelzão e Miguilim, by Guimarães Rosa. Her first fiction feature-length film is a story for “grown-ups”, visiting the sparseness of Nelson Pereira dos Santos and the beautiful look at the harsh things in life of Walter Moreira Salles. Comparisons apart, Sandra Kogut shows what she is about when it comes to direction.
In Jornal do Brasil newspaper, 02/29/08

About the documentary Um passaporte húngaro
By Pedro Butcher
(...) Sandra Kogut doesn’t have a filmmaker’s background, but she is experienced in making videos. Maybe that’s why she can use a digital camera with so much dexterity. It is worth noting, by the way, that the fact that the documentary was made with this technology is one of the reasons for its success. (…)Um passaporte húngaro is another confirmation of the great moment Brazilian documentary is going through. It is a personal investigation but, at the same time, it has a lot to say about this country full of contradictions. (Rating: three stars).
In Folha de São Paulo newspaper, 11/28/03

About the film Mutum
By Luís Carlos Merten
(...) I went to see Mutum, by Sandra Kogut, at the closing of the Directors' Fortnight. I don't have time here and now to explain my reasons, but I have the impression that I have watched the best Brazilian film of 2007. Mutum is exceptional! Sandra Kogut, a young, urban director, penetrates the universe of João Guimarães Rosa and suggests the genesis of one of his mythical characters, Miguelim. (…)
In Estadão blog, 05/25/07

One of the most prominent personalities of Brazilian video art, Sandra Kogut has become notable on the cultural circuit both inside and outside of the country with showings and awards of her work in cinema and video. Dedicated to creating performances, installations and works in video since 1984, she is now identified as a pioneering voice in the country. She has also been recognized for her film productions, since 1990, and her multimedia creations, from 1992. She took part in the creation of the program Brasil Legal, on Globo TV, and was artistic director of Globograph, a company specializing in the research and development of new technologies.
In Catalogue of the 12th Videobrasil. From September 22 to October 11, 1998, pg. 18, São Paulo, SP, 1998.