Encontro Marcado: What do you like most about yourself?
Norma Bengell: My character.
EM: Out of all the professional activities you did in life, which gave you most pleasure?
NB: I like everything: doing TV, cinema, theater and singing.
EM: Do you like reviewing the work you did? Which do you feel most affection for? Any disappointments?
MB: I donít like reviewing anything. The past is the past. I feel affection for some Brazilian, Italian and French works. And yes, I have had many disappointments.
EM: Do you feel fulfilled? Are you still searching for something that you canít find or define?
NB: I still have many things left to do, but I feel fulfilled for the beautiful things I have done and the career I have.
EM: Did your parents influence you? How?
NB: My mother encouraged me. She used to play the piano and I thank her for everything. My father was against it until a certain point. Then it stopped. I listened to a lot of classical music with him and thatís how the pianist trilogy was born.