About the soap opera Mulheres Apaixonadas
By Jonathan Pereira

“Controversial themes such as lesbianism, domestic violence, romance between different generations and urban violence are present in the soap opera Mulheres apaixonadas (Vale a pena ver de novo). Once again fans of author Manoel Carlos will sit in front of the TV and lose track of time (…)”.
In: Folha de São Paulo, 09/11/08

About soap operas with social themes
By Daniela Teixeira

More and more, soap operas are exploring themes that portray society’s daily life. Social problems and even warnings about behavior and well-being are presented, filled with scenes that mix fiction and reality. Alcoholism, Down’s syndrome, baby snatching, leukemia, domestic violence, schizophrenia and so many other subjects are dealt with in Brazilian soap operas and, on the whole, they generate curiosity and understanding from the general public. The great champion of this subject is Manoel Carlos.
In: Site MSN, 04/24/09

About the soap opera A Sucessora

“(...) One of the greatest period productions made for the 6pm slot (1978), A sucessora has been sold to around 50 countries…Suspense and a psychological atmosphere were the great innovations for the slot, but what the cast remembers most are the dense characters (…)”
In: Jornal Paraná Online, 10/04/03

About the soap opera Laços de Família

(...) Laços de Família is the greatest recent prime-time success on TV Globo. More than 32 million Brazilians watch it.
In: Revista Veja, 01/10/01