The Encontro Marcado project was created in 1983, by the journalist Arakn Tvora, with the purpose of allowing university students to meet Brazilian writers and creators. The format was simple: a video, recorded beforehand, showed these figures lives, work and creative processes. During the encontro usually held in university auditoriums students would watch the 15 minutes of video and, after that, they would talk informally with the guest. That was the projects initial phase, when IBM sponsorship allowed writers to go to all the universities in the country from the state of Amazonas to the state of Rio Grande do Sul and talk with students. For the project team, it was always moving to see students in Belm, Campina Grande, Braslia, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador, Paran, Florianpolis etc. have their first contact with authors from Sul maravilha (the wonderful South).

In the late 1990s, o Encontro Marcado expanded the interviews to cover all cultural areas cinema, theatre, visual arts and music. It became a weekly TV program and ended up in our living rooms, transmitted by the television channel Multishow. For three and a half years, every program revealed a Brazilian talent. These videos produced a collection with accounts from more than 120 Brazilian creators and thinkers and now household appliances chain Ponto Frio, the Rio de Janeiro Department of Culture and Eureka Imagens e Ideias are making it available to future generations on this homepage. Enjoy yourselves!


Since the project was created, some companies and professionals have prevented the collection from being lost. Our thanks, in first place, to the projects creator - Arakn Tvora (in memorian), to IBM Brasil (Lygia Fernandes, Carlos Curi, Cludio Zibenberg and Mariangela Luna), to Estao das Letras (Suzana Vargas and team, responsible for the first phase of this research, carried out in 1999), to Eureka Imagens e Idias (Bete Calligaris, executive producer, and Jorge Brennand Jr, TV program director), to WorkVideo (Rodrigo Junquiera and team), to the writer and professor Deonsio da Silva, and now, to the publisher Outras Letras (Lucia Koury and team), responsible for the current research, to Brc1 Produes (Bruno Veiga Neto), for the recovery of the videos and their inclusion on the homepage, and to Refazenda (Nelci Frangipani and Andr Vallias), for creating, providing and maintaining the Encontro Marcado homepage.

as translated by Ana de Andrada
Walmor Chagas